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If you have opted for ezi-pay, your sales consultant are fully knowledgeable to inform you of the requirements that we need to process your application. Your order will proceed to installation scheduling upon approval of your ezi-pay schedule.
Only the applicant named on the Customer Sales Agreement can sign the ezi-pay documentation. The signature must match your driver’s license. Failure to complete the process accurately may result in further incurred costs.


You can expect to have your solar system installed in 1-2 weeks, following the payment of your deposit, grid connection approval and approval of ezi-pay (if applicable). One of the members of our care team will be in touch with you to provide a suitable installation date for you. If you have not heard from us within this time frame, please call our Customer Care department on 1300 8 SUNOPT (786678).
The Victorian Energy Safe regulator requires all electrical work to be inspected by a qualified independent electrical inspector. SunOpt or the installer will organize the inspection shortly after your installation.
On the day you will need to sign your Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) assignment forms. Only the homeowner can sign the STC’s form to authorization creation of the certificate over to SunOpt Solar or its STC partners (unless power of attorney has been organized).


Your solar system can be switched on once your retailer has installed/re-configured your bi-directional import/ export meter. Please refer to the user manual provided on the day of installation for further information.


Your retailer and distributor will be informed after installation that we have installed solar at your property. We will send the relevant forms like CES, EWR and GCF to your retailer for you via email after your system has been inspected. Your retailer/distributor will install your bi-directional import/export meter. To discuss meter costs and tariff options, please contact your electricity retailer.
Your bi-directional import/export meter will need to be re-configured by your retailer/distributor. We will communicate this so that they can convert your meter to work with solar once your system is installed.


SunOpt Solar accepts final payment via cash, credit card, Cheque or bank transfer on or before the day of scheduling or installation.


Thanks to the Government solar incentives, the cost to the customer is greatly reduced.
The amount of roof space required depends on the size of the system installed. For example, a 1.5Kw system requires about 12 sqmt of roof space. This should be on an un-shaded and preferably a north-facing part of the roof. The system is modular and can therefore be arranged in a way that best suits the roof.
1 year parts and labor warranty on non-structural products (This includes things such as cabling, wiring and install)
Yes, the panels are tested to and meet the standard IEC61215 and IEC61730 and the inverter complies with standard AS/NZ4777.
Yes, all installers are licensed electricians and are accredited in Design and Installation of Photovoltaic systems by the Clean Energy Council.
Solar Photovoltaic systems rely on sunlight and ultra violet rays, not heat. So while there may be fewer hours of sunlight in winter, the actual conversion of power is unaffected by the change in season. However, you will benefit from extended hours of sunlight in the summer.
There is no battery as the system is completely grid interactive. Battery systems are normally used with RAP (Remote Area Power) systems that have no grid connectivity. Surely in future battery storage will become household product and SunOpt will offer a solution to its customers.
No. For safety reasons, when the normal supply of electricity is interrupted the solar units are also shut down.
Small-scale technology certificates, or STCs, are a tradeable commodity attached to eligible installations of renewable energy systems (including solar panels, solar water heaters and heat pumps).
It depends on the size of your solar power system, normally it takes 4-5 hours.
Alliance Solar offers up-to 40 months Non Interest Ever!!! payment plans. For further details, contact SunOpt Solar at 1300 960 776.
Payment is required by credit card prior to installation or by money order or bank cheque on the day of installation. If you have applied for “Interest free” finance with SunOpt Solar , approval needs to be given by the day of installation.
It depends on the inverter size and the roof space. If you want to expand your system later on, then we will advise you to install bigger inverter at first stage. However, increasing the size of an existing solar power system could affect your eligibility for a Feed-in Tariff.
For safety reasons, in the event of a blackout, your solar PV system will stop producing electricity. This safety measure is mandatory and has been put in place to protect anyone working on the blacked-out grid system. As soon as the grid is back online, your solar PV system’s ability to generate will be restored.
As solar PV systems only produce electricity when they are exposed to sunlight, they do not produce electricity at night. At night you will need another source, such as electricity from the grid.
Roof mounting systems can be installed to angle your solar panels at an adequately slanted position so that they can still collect the maximum electricity from the sun.
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