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Growatt solar inverter
Growatt solar inverter

Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established on May 2010, a professional and vigorous new energy company focusing on photovoltaic inverters. Until now, Growatt has reached over 1GW installation worldwide, famous as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective photovoltaic inverters with high efficiency. Growatt offers a full line of PV inverters from 1kW to 1MW, together with our smart monitoring systems, which are completely applicable for residential & commercial roof and ground plants. Growatt 5000TL is honored to be the first Asian PV inverter with A+ from Photon Lab; Growatt 5000MTL has also perfectly achieved A & A in Photon Lab in Dec. 2012. Growatt 20k TL3-HE, is only the second inverter tested by Photon Lab to achieve a conversion efficiency higher than 99 percent, pushing the leading-edge technology to new heights.

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