Sun Opt

SunOpt Aleo Solar Panel


8000 Pa Pressure load

25years Product Guarantee

98% of Nominal Power Guaranteed in the first two years

25 years Linear Performance Warranty

Constantly High Cell Quality


99% relative efficiency at weak-light

Protection against the weather and the elements

10 years of WINAICO quality modules

25 year linear performance guarantee

2 years of free insurance included

Water drainage design

SunOpt winaico Solar Panel
SunOpt tw solar Panel


Enhanced weather resistance

Reduce system cost

Strong compatibility

Anti-PID and low LID

15 years material process warranty

25 years linear power outlet warranty


5 Busbar Solar Cell

High Efficiency

PID Resistence

Low-Light Performance

Severe Weather Resilience

Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions

SunOpt jinko Solar Panel
SunOpt trina Solar Panel


Reduce BOS cost with high power bin

Low thermal coefficients for greater energy production at higher temperature

Half-cell design brings higher efficiency

Highly reliable due to stringent quality control

Certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions


Global, Tier 1 bankable brand with independently certified state-of-the-art automated manufacturing

Photon Independent field testing – Ranked in the top2 of 276 international suppliers

Industry leading lowest thermal co-efficient of Power

Industry Leading 12 years product warranty

Excellent PID Resistance

Positive tight power tolerance of 3%

Dual stage 100% EL Inspection warranting defect-free product

SunOpt risen Solar Panel
SunOpt longi Solar Panel


Positive Power tolerance (0~+5W) guaranteed

Slower power degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology: first year <2%, 0.55% year 2-25

Solid PID Resistance

Reduced Resistance loss

Reduced hot spot risk


Q.ANTUM Technology: Low Levelized cost of Electricity

Innovative All-Weather Technology

Enduring High Performance

Extreme Weather Rating

A Reliable Investment

State if the art module technology

SunOpt QCells Solar Panel
SunOpt canadian solar Panel


Better shading tolerance

25 years linear power output warranty*

12 years enhanced product warranty on materials and workmanship*

Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature

Cell crack risk limited in small region, enhance the module reliability

Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa, wind load up to 3600 Pa*


Mono N-Type: The Most efficient C-SI Technology

No Light Induced degradation

Super-strong frame up to 7000 pa Snow Load

Flexible Installation Options

Improved performance in shaded conditions

Guaranteed High Power over lifetime

SunOpt rec Solar Panel
SunOpt ET Solar Panel


High Conversion Efficiency

Anti-reflective Coating and Reduce O&M Costs

0 to +5W Positive Tolerance

Excellent Loading Capability

Top-quality & Trustworthy Product


Proven Field Performance

Corrosion Resistance Certifcation

Strict Quality Control Reliable for the Future

Multi Anti-reflective Coatings Increase Output

Improved High Temperature Performance

High Wind Load Resistance

Positive Tolerance (0/+3%)

Enhanced low light performance

SunOpt LG Solar Panel
SunOpt sunpower Solar Panel


High Power

High Performance

Premium Aesthetics

High Reliability

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