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About SunOpt Solar

SunOpt solar is an end-to-end solar energy company that is focused on customer centricity. SunOpt’s foundation and passion originally came from co-founding an energy retailer. Having experience with in this essential service it became abundantly clear the real solutions were renewable energy products. Soon after SunOpt was born.

We focus on a ‘hands-on’ approach where all customers receive our solar expertise no matter the size of the house or energy usage. SunOpt helps the decision homeowners when they choose to get Solar and produce a cleaner, greener energy for their household and the Earth.

At SunOpt solar we care about the environment and the impact of energy generated from coal on the generations to come. Our aim is to service our customers long after their solar systems are installed all with a positive attitude. We use industry accredited panels, inverters, mountings etc. and engage CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited installers and designers who have been installing solar panels for number of years. As a Clean Energy Council member we have partnered with Green-Bank, Westpac, Powerark Solar, Onestopwarehouse and BOSCH.

Why Choose SunOpt?

We are one of the first installers of solar panels in Australia, with a long standing reputation in the Electrical (20+ years) & Solar Installation industry (5+ years). We are Passionate about helping the world reduce their carbon emissions. We provide an end to end service and Premium Quality Systems, so you will enjoy superior performance & reliability

Our Vision


To be a leader in our industry that works with stakeholders to achieve growth, excellence and sustainable development & wellbeing.

Our Work


We are proud and thrilled when our satisfied customers talk about how much they loved working with us. They say they appreciate our competitive pricing, our unmatched customer service and the high-quality solar power products we install on every project.

Our Mission


To build an energy business that creates value sustainability for our clients, staff and the communities in which we operate.

Our Purpose


SunOpt solar is not your ordinary solar power company. We are on a mission to lead a solar energy revolution and change the way this world generates electricity. This purpose drives us every day and motivates us to turn everyone we meet into solar power advocates.


Today, electricity generated by fossil fuels accounts for 80% of the total carbon dioxide emissions and moreover, it’s expensive. We offer a cleaner and safer alternative so that we can all feel good about energy again.


We provide clients with a single, knowledgeable source for implementing their project – from determining the appropriate site and size for a system to overseeing the installation and maintenance. If you Opt for to Capture clean, free power from the Sun you will immediately Save on your monthly electric bills.


We assist homeowners with every step of the process, from analyzing a household’s electricity needs and solar exposure to designing the system and overseeing the installation. We work exclusively with established manufacturers to provide you with durable, efficient, low-maintenance modules, inverters and mounting systems. 

Our Values!

Star Rating


Customers are at the heart of our business. We adapt deftly to suit the needs of our customers and deliver what we promise.

Trust Logo


We are honest, fair and conduct business with the highest ethical standards and respect.



We aspire to be a yardstick of quality with which people can measure excellence in both products and services.



We believe knowledge is power, the first step to which is a question. We strive to achieve success in our constant pursuit of knowledge.



We are honest, fair and conduct business with the highest ethical standards and respect.

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